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If you wish to keep your upcoming tasks perfectly organized and make waiting for any occasion a little more fun, there are dozens of countdown apps for mobile to choose from. They’ll help you easily track the number of days, minutes, or seconds left until your big day. Whether you’re awaiting your next birthday, an important exam, a trip of a lifetime, or any other special event, there’s an app for you. Here are the best 15 countdown apps to check out.

Best Countdown Apps For Mobile
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Top 15 Countdown Apps For Mobile

Unless indicated otherwise, the apps are free with in-app purchase options.


1. Event Countdown Timer & Widget

Event Countdown Timer & Widget
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Availability: iPhone


With this easy-to-use countdown app, you’ll have fun creating many different countdowns for your upcoming event, whether it’s a party, graduation, birthday, or vacation. The app lets you make your choice among thousands of beautiful wallpapers to perfectly match and embellish each one of your countdowns. The app offers a vast array of functions, including notification reminders and synchronizing events between multiple devices. You can also easily share countdowns with friends and family.


2. Countdown

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Availability: iPhone


Increase your productivity with Countdown, one of the most popular countdown apps for mobile devices. With this app, you can choose the countdown unit option that suits you best—months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and even heartbeats. The beauty of Countdown is that it lets you associate your favorite songs from your music library to countdowns and add photos from your album. In addition, it’s possible to fully customize the appearance of the app with many different font styles and backgrounds. You can share countdowns with others if you wish to. The app also offers a great option of counting the time elapsed after the event.


3. Countdown Star

Countdown Star
Photo on iTunes


Availability: iPhone, Android


Countdown Star is one of the best apps to use for countdowns to your favorite occasions. You can set the display to any unit from years down to seconds. To enhance your countdowns, you can either choose from a variety of backgrounds available in the app, take a photo or select one from your photo library. Accessing your countdowns couldn’t be any simpler. All you have to do is swipe to the right and choose the favorite ones you’d like to see on display when you open the app.


4. Event Countdown Lite

Event Countdown Lite
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Availability: iPhone, Android


Event Countdown Lite is a nifty countdown app with an excellent range of functions. The app conveniently displays countdowns in a list format. Using it is easy; just tap a countdown to see the time left until your next event. You can customize the app with any color and icon combinations you wish and add descriptive notes to your countdowns. It’s possible to set event notifications starting a year ahead of time. In addition, Event Countdown Lite lets you invite friends to share countdowns.


5. Time Until | Beautiful Countdowns

Time Until | Beautiful Countdowns
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Availability: Android


Time Until is designed to do countdowns on any date you choose in the future. Simply set the timer and follow the number of seconds, minutes, hours, days, working days, weeks, or months that are left until the event of your choice. The best part is that you can select several events to count down to: they will appear in chronological order on your screen. The Time Until | Beautiful Countdowns app lets you select and adjust any image you wish as a background. You can either choose a unique background for each countdown or simply use the default one provided by the app. You can also create reminders and share the countdowns with others. And that’s not all. With this app, you can also count the time elapsed since any past event.


6. Final Countdown – Widget

Final Countdown - Widget
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Availability: Android


Final Countdown is another great countdown app and widget that you might want to give a try when you are scheduling your next event. Final Countdown shows the time remaining until your chosen event in months, weeks, days, weekdays, down to seconds. With this versatile app, you can have lots of fun customizing and setting up recurring countdowns, for example. Or why not import your events from the phone calendar and birthdays from Facebook? The app allows for Cloud backup with the help of a Facebook login, which is a life-saver if you lose your phone or switch to a new one. The app includes more than 300 free background images and allows you to share your countdowns with friends.


7. Big Day Lite – Events Countdown

Big Day Lite – Events Countdown
Photo by BigDayApp


Availability: iPhone, Android


You don’t need to keep an eye on the calendar all the time with this highly elegant app. It lets you create a separate countdown notification for each of your events and pick a favorite one to display on the Start screen. You can select the image to associate with, either from the camera, gallery, or Pixabay. Alternatively, use Big Day Lite as a handy widget on your desktop or your phone’s lock screen.


8. Countdown Days App & Widget

Countdown Days App & Widget
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Availability: Android


Countdown Days App has a calendar format that shows the important events for each month. For each event or task, you can choose to add a title, a picture, and a brief description. The Countdown Days app features daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly events. One of the features that sets it apart is the backup and restore function. In case you accidentally delete all your data or switch to a new device, all the important dates will be saved in your account.


9. Dreamdays Countdown

Dreamdays Countdown
Photo by iMore


Price: $0.99 iPhone, free Android


With Dreamdays Countdown, you’ll be sure to never miss an important occasion and stay up to date with all the upcoming events. With its six default categories—anniversary, holiday, birthday, life, school, and trip—and flexibility to add custom ones, you’ll be prepared for a countdown to any task. And that’s not all. You can organize your favorite events into categories and prioritize them in order of importance. What’s more, Dreamdays Countdown allows you to embellish each countdown event with one of the hundreds of amazing backgrounds. In addition, you can associate voice memos to events, and share them with friends and family on social media.


10. Vacation Countdown App

Vacation Countdown App
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Availability: iPhone, Android


There’s nothing more exciting than counting days to the upcoming vacation. The fully-featured Vacation Countdown App is just the perfect tool to use for that purpose. The main functions of the app include a countdown to several different trips, a choice between endless background themes to perfectly match your vacation destination, and a pretty suitcase icon that accompanies your destination and official vacation start date. Track the time left to your vacation in days, hours, minutes, and seconds. In addition, the app gives you a handy packing list and travel-related quizzes like Flags of the World.


11. Christmas Countdown!

Christmas Countdown!
Photo by iMore


Availability: iPhone


As its name says, this app is dedicated to festive Christmas countdowns. The app is full of cute Christmas symbols, complete with a snowman, reindeer, and Santa Claus. Counting down the remaining time with this fun app in heartbeat, seconds or sleep will make the weeks and days leading to Christmas fun and entertaining.


12. Reminder & Countdown

Reminder & Countdown
Photo by AppAdvice


Availability: iPhone


Reminder & Countdown is a wonderful feature-rich app. It has an elegant interface, which you can fully personalize according to your preferences. The app offers dozens of fonts and themes for you to use. One of the highlights of Reminder & Countdown is its integration with social networking apps, which allows you to share your personal countdowns to events with others.


13. DayCount

Photo by iTunes


Availability: iPhone


DayCount is another user-friendly countdown timer app that includes a wide range of themes suitable for any type of event. If you want to make sure you don’t forget an important task, use the note field to write down notes for each event. As an added bonus, the app also lets you adjust visibility and choose between light and dark modes.


14. My Day — Countdown Calendar

My Day -- Countdown Calendar
Photo on Google Play


Availability: iPhone, Android


Another app with an elegant interface and many personalization options, My Day offers an extensive choice of pretty wallpapers and countdown units. Another nice feature is the possibility to countdown your Facebook friends’ birthdays. All that makes it a countdown app definitely worth your consideration.


15. Exam Countdown Lite

Exam Countdown Lite
Photo by ExamCountdownApp


Availability: iPhone, Android


Exam Countdown Lite is a must-have app for students. Keep track of your test dates and set several exam countdowns simultaneously. To make planning more fun, select among hundreds of beautifully designed icons. The user-friendly interface lets you color-code your exams to easily spot the specific ones. Plus, you have the possibility to add notes and make sure to always remember the important details of the upcoming exams.


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