How To Select Something In Procreate


Procreate is a powerful digital art application used by artists, designers, and hobbyists to create stunning illustrations, paintings, and artwork on their electronic devices. With its wide range of features and intuitive interface, Procreate has become a top choice for many users looking to express their creativity digitally.

One of the fundamental actions in Procreate is selecting elements within your artwork. Whether you want to move, resize, or apply specific effects to a particular part of your creation, knowing how to effectively select it is crucial. In this article, we will guide you through the process of selecting in Procreate, offering valuable insights and tips to help you make precise selections and unleash your artistic potential.

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  1. Understanding Procreate
  2. Types of Selection Tools
  3. Selection Techniques for Precise Selections
  4. Conclusion
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Understanding Procreate

Procreate is a powerful and popular digital art app designed for artists and creators. With its intuitive interface and extensive range of features, Procreate has become a go-to tool for digital artists, illustrators, and designers. It offers a wide range of tools and brushes, allowing users to create stunning artwork on their cell phones with ease.

One of Procreate’s standout features is its layer-based system, which allows artists to work on different elements of their artwork independently. This gives them greater flexibility and control over the composition and allows for non-destructive editing.

Procreate also boasts an impressive array of brushes and customizable settings. Artists can select from a wide variety of brush styles, including pencils, inks, paints, and textures, and adjust settings such as opacity, size, and pressure sensitivity to achieve the desired effect. This level of customization ensures that every stroke feels natural and allows artists to express their unique style.

Additionally, Procreate offers advanced features like blending modes, which allow artists to combine different layers and colors in creative ways. It also supports various blend modes like overlay, multiply, and screen, giving artists the flexibility to experiment and create captivating visual effects.

Understanding Procreate’s interface is crucial for maximizing its potential. The app provides a clean and user-friendly workspace, with essential tools accessible at the top of the screen. Artists can easily navigate between layers, brushes, and color palettes, ensuring a seamless workflow.

Furthermore, Procreate supports pressure-sensitive styluses, such as the Apple Pencil, which offer greater precision and control. This enables artists to create detailed and intricate artwork with ease, mimicking the experience of traditional drawing and painting techniques.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner exploring the world of digital art, understanding Procreate’s features and tools can help unlock your creativity and elevate your artwork to new heights. From its layer-based system to its vast selection of brushes and customizable settings, Procreate offers endless possibilities for artistic expression on your cell phone.

Types of Selection Tools

When working with Procreate, you have access to a range of selection tools that allow you to isolate specific areas of your artwork and manipulate them separately. These selection tools are invaluable for tasks such as editing, resizing, or applying effects to specific parts of your image. Let’s explore some of the most commonly used selection tools in Procreate:

1. Rectangular Selection Tool: This tool allows you to create a rectangular selection by dragging your finger or stylus across the canvas. It’s perfect for selecting square or rectangular areas of your artwork.

2. Elliptical Selection Tool: Similar to the rectangular selection tool, the elliptical selection tool enables you to create elliptical or circular selections. It’s ideal for selecting rounded objects or creating circular cropping areas.

3. Freehand Selection Tool: With the freehand selection tool, you can make selections of any shape by drawing directly on the canvas. It gives you the flexibility to select intricate or irregular areas with precision.

4. Polygonal Selection Tool: The polygonal selection tool allows you to create selections by connecting a series of straight lines. It’s useful when you need to select areas with straight sides or make precise polygonal shapes.

5. Magic Wand Selection Tool: The magic wand selection tool automatically selects areas of similar color or tone. You can adjust the tool’s sensitivity to control the accuracy of the selection. It’s particularly helpful for selecting complex shapes or areas with consistent colors.

6. QuickShape Selection Tool: This unique selection tool in Procreate allows you to create selections based on predefined shapes such as rectangles, triangles, or circles. It provides a quick and easy way to make selections in specific shapes without the need for precise drawing.

These selection tools in Procreate offer a variety of options to cater to different selection needs. Experiment with each tool to become familiar with their functionalities and determine which ones work best for specific tasks.

Selection Techniques for Precise Selections

When working with Procreate, having the ability to make precise selections is crucial for achieving professional-level artwork. Whether you want to isolate a specific object or fine-tune details, mastering selection techniques will greatly enhance your digital art workflow. In this section, we will explore some of the most effective techniques for making precise selections in Procreate.

1. Lasso Tool: The Lasso tool in Procreate allows you to draw freehand selections around the desired area. This tool gives you the flexibility to create custom-shaped selections, making it ideal for irregular objects or intricate details. By adjusting the selection size and refining the edges, you can achieve precise and clean results.

2. Automatic Selections: Procreate also offers automatic selection tools that can save you time and effort. The Color Fill and Magic Wand tools allow you to select areas based on their color values. You can adjust the tolerance level to control the selection’s accuracy. This technique is useful for selecting backgrounds or large areas with consistent colors.

3. Selection Masks: Selection masks in Procreate are powerful tools for creating complex selections. By using multiple selection tools, such as the Lasso or Magic Wand, you can create separate masks for different parts of your artwork. This method allows you to refine each selection individually or combine them for more advanced editing.

4. Quick Shapes: Procreate has a handy feature called Quick Shapes that enables you to create precise geometric selections with ease. By simply drawing a rough shape like a square or circle, Procreate automatically generates a clean and accurate selection. This technique is perfect for selecting symmetrical objects or creating precise masks.

5. Modifier Gestures: Procreate provides a range of modifier gestures that can enhance your selection techniques. For example, you can hold two fingers on the screen and drag to subtract from a selection, or use the Transform tool to resize and adjust selected areas. Getting familiar with these gestures will significantly improve your ability to make precise selections in Procreate.

Remember, practice is key when it comes to mastering selection techniques in Procreate. Experiment with different tools and combinations to find the method that suits your needs. The more you explore and refine your skills, the better your artwork will become. With time and dedication, you’ll be able to create stunning digital art with expertly crafted selections in Procreate.


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1. Can I select multiple objects in Procreate at once?
Yes, you can select multiple objects in Procreate by using the selection tool. Simply tap and drag your finger or Apple Pencil across the objects you wish to select. You can also use the selection tool to add or subtract objects from your selection.

2. How do I refine the selection in Procreate?
To refine your selection in Procreate, you can use various tools and techniques. One option is to tap the “Edit” button and then select “Transform” from the menu. This allows you to adjust the size and position of the selected objects. You can also use the “Adjust” menu to make changes to the selected objects’ opacity, color, and other attributes.

3. Can I select specific layers in Procreate?
Yes, you can select specific layers in Procreate by first activating the layers panel. From there, you can tap on the desired layer to select it. You can also hold down the selection tool and swipe across multiple layers to select them simultaneously.

4. How do I deselect objects in Procreate?
To deselect objects in Procreate, you can tap the canvas outside of the selected area or tap the “Select” button again to toggle off the selection. Alternatively, you can use the “Select” menu and choose “Deselect” to remove the current selection.

5. Is there a shortcut to select all objects in Procreate?
Yes, there is a shortcut to select all objects in Procreate. Simply tap and hold the selection tool icon until a menu pops up, then choose “All” to select everything on the canvas.